40 ideas - Number 12 - Fun and Easy Tent!

Welcome to my lofty dream of providing you with 40!!! fun activities you can do with your kids!  Many at the drop of a hat!  I bet for many of these you will have the materials you need on hand or can find them at the dollar store or on the cheap at the local craft store!  This list will contain simple, cheap and FUN crafts or activities that ANYONE can do!  And better yet, they will be kid tested and approved!

If you would like to be a guest blogger in this series email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail . com! 

Today's activity comes from Bri at Mod Memento.  She also runs one of my favorite places to buy art...also called Mod Memento. :)


All kids love tents!  But thankfully, you don't need a store bought one to have fun. 

Use what ya got!  Round up some old blankets, sheets, and in my case, some old curtain panels and hunt for the perfect spot in your yard to set up your homemade tent.

I bought some clothesline rope at the hardware store and tied it around two big trees.  If you don't have trees, be creative and use your deck, your fence, a picnic table or whatever else you can find.  I then simply laid the curtain panels across the rope.

I laid some big rocks that the kids had painted on the corner edges on the curtain panels to keep them in place and not shift when the wind blew.

Then we made it cozy inside with some quilts, pillows, books, crayons and snacks!

The whole thing takes less than 10 minutes to set up and gives the kids a fun new play space.

Happy Summer!

Thank you! And be sure to go say hi to Bri at Mod Memento!

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