40 Ideas - Number 10 - Water Blob!

 Welcome to my lofty dream of providing you with 40!!! fun activities you can do with your kids!  Many at the drop of a hat!  I bet for many of these you will have the materials you need on hand or can find them at the dollar store or on the cheap at the local craft store!  This list will contain simple, cheap and FUN crafts or activities that ANYONE can do!  And better yet, they will be kid tested and approved!

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I was positive this would not work.  I mean...you're making a giant water balloon for crying out loud.  And telling your kids to give it the what for on top of it.  But...it worked.  And my boys LOVED it. 
All you need is:
A plastic tarp ($3 or so at Lowes) Be sure to get the EXTRA HEAVY DUTY one.
And a roll of duct tape.  ($3 or so from Lowes)
Fold it in half halving the longest side.  My 9 by 12ft tarp became a 9 by 6ft blob.  On the three open ends you will want to fold it over a couple of times.  3-4 times to be safe.  I folded it over an inch each time.  Tape alllllllllllll along the sides.  I did a double row of duct tape. 
When you get to the end of the third side, leave an opening for your hose.
This is what it looked like before water.  You will want to keep your taped side UP so you can fix leaks if you need to.  Sorry for the less than stellar photo but it was SO bright outside this day, I couldn't see!
Place your hose in the opening and fill!  Mine ended up about 4-5in thick. 
The boys loved it!  They practiced swimming...
And relaxed...
And chilled out on it. 
And hoho...
...he jumped...and jumped and jumped. 
And jumped...
And it held up the whole time!  They even played with it the next day.  It was a pleasant surprise.  Next time I might try to make it into a seek and find and fill it with small soft toys that won't poke a hole...or maybe those foam shapes? 

Fun times!  Go make one!

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