2012 40 ideas - Number 13 - Paint Chip Match Game

Welcome to my lofty dream of providing you with 40!!! fun activities you can do with your kids!  Many at the drop of a hat!  I bet for many of these you will have the materials you need on hand or can find them at the dollar store or on the cheap at the local craft store!  This list will contain simple, cheap and FUN crafts or activities that ANYONE can do!  And better yet, they will be kid tested and approved!

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Today's activity comes from Melissa at JonahBonah!


thank you, crystal for inviting me over to your little space on the internet!!
i’m honored to be guest posting on little bit funky today.
you are an inspiration on so many levels…this is a dream come true for me.

ok, enough sappiness.
let’s get on to why we’re all here.

if your house is anything like mine this summer then you have a few kids that are semi-self-sufficient and then you have a preschooler who needs constant attention and direction {in fun activity to keep her busy.}

this idea is not a new one.
i first saw it on instagram from someone who first saw it on pinterest…
it’s so simple.
and it’s one of those crafts/activities that’ll have you thinking “why didn’t i think of that?”

first, gather your supplies.
you’ll need…
Preschool Paint Chip Activity
*paint chip cards from the hardware store {assorted colors}
*clothes pins

Preschool Paint Chip Activity
next, cut a section of the paint chip card from one side about ¾ inch wide.
and then cut the separate colors. {see photo}
Preschool Paint Chip Activity

final step for you, glue each color to a separate clothes pin.
Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity
now, it’s time for the fun!
call your preschooler in for A GAME!!
the idea is to simply match the clothes pin colors to the paint chip colors.

genius, right!?

have her name the colors as she completes a card.
fun AND learning.

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

Preschool Paint Chip Activity
mckinley played it again and again.
she loved it!!!

after she was finished playing the game the way it was intended she made her own fun.
she pretended they were cookies!

fun and learning AND imaginative play.

Preschool Paint Chip Activity

thank you again, crystal!


Thank you Melissa!  Be sure to go say hi to Melissa at JonahBonah! 
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