why U-haul sucks.

Oh U-haul.  You have gone and done it. 

In general, the theme of my blog and "product" placement is to share with you things that I think are awesome, worth the money or time spent and will in general help you out a little in life.  I choose my giveaways and product reviews based on whether you, my reader, would like them or not.  I pass on a lot of things... orthopedic shoes, books that I wouldn't read, random weird "other" things...that I don't think fit here. 

If I have a bad product or company experience, I generally don't mention it...or I do in passing.  Not saying you shouldn't...I just don't in general.  Usually, because I realize it could be a fluke or my fault.  I do my best to be gracious with companies, etsy sellers and waitresses.  More than once I have told sellers, just choose a color/style/etc, I am sure I will like it.  Doug and I LOVE to over tip a good waiter or waitress.  One of our favorite vacation stories is about a waiter having a terrible day and us leaving him a 100% tip just because we recognized that his day was pretty sucky but he was still trying.  All that to say, I don't turn on a company or service person easily.

What WILL get to me is patterns of behavior and lack of compassion on a comany's part to do the right thing.

Take our U-haul issue.

A week before our move I went to U-haul's website to reserve a truck.  In particular I knew we would need a 26ft truck.  Being unable to secure one at other truck rental locations, I was delighted to find and "reserve" one through U-haul.  I made the reservation and did not give it a second thought. 

Here is the definition of reservation:


  1. The action of reserving something.
  2. An arrangement whereby something, esp. a seat or room, is booked or reserved for a particular person.
That is NOT U-haul's definition.

At 6:59pm the evening BEFORE we moved and exactly ONE minute before they closed for the day, U-haul leaves a message saying that our 26ft truck is not available.  Lucky for us they could offer a 14ft truck and a small trailer that we could drive over an HOUR up and down a mountain to get (annoying for many reasons but mostly because there are SEVERAL pick-up stations within a couple of miles of our house).  We also needed to call them back to reserve it.  That LITTLE feat made impossible by the fact that they waited to call us until ONE MINUTE before they closed for the day.  The place we could pick up this fancy 14 footer didn't open until the next morning.  We had people coming to help us move.  We had, you know, based our entire move on this "reservation".  Our stuff would not fit in a 14ft truck!!

Somehow they thought that a 14ft truck would be just as good to us as a 26ft truck.  Above is a screenshot of U-Hauls front page...that states a "Reservation is guaranteed for location and equipment".  That apparently means absolutely nothing to U-Haul.  They have shown zero compassion or concern for the frantic pace they set to our move because we could do nothing about the truck situation until the next morning.

They say that moving is one of the most stressful events in your life.  It was not stressful on us until U-Haul went back on their word and left us with nothing to move our belongings to another city.  They did offer to "reserve" a 26ft truck for us the following week if we would like to reschedule.  Because that is normal for people to do.

Doug and I were without words, frustrated and a little panicked.  We had been living apart for over a month at this point and here we were possibly facing more time apart.

That night I went on U-Haul's facebook page and posted on their wall our situation and frustrations.

I got back a COLD email stating that "U-Haul reserves the right to change equipment and location pick-up".  I just did a dry run through the "reservation" process and NOWHERE do I see anything remotely like that.  Basically, they told us "Too bad".   What I did see was the screenshot above.

I called around in a panic the next morning.  Thankfully, Penske had a 26ft truck we could rent and reserve using the traditional meaning of the word.  The only catch is that it was going to cost us $677 MORE than the truck we had reserved with U-Haul.  

I moved on temporarily so that we could focus on moving knowing I would call U-Haul at a later point. 

Fast forward to today.  I have gone back and forth with them so many times I can't even count.  They have offered me a $50 credit which I kindly declined, reminding them how much more I had to spend because of their careless behavior.  They have been snarky behind closed doors while being all nice and mushy faced on their FB page.

Now like I said...I may not be so furious with this situation if you couldn't go onto their Facebook page and read story after story after story just like mine.  U-Haul seems to take a non-chalant attitude with customer service that no one seems to want to stand up to.  I, however, have nothing better to do with my time, being a stay at home mom and all.  :) I have kindly told them that I am not going away until they choose to make it right.  My next stop is the Better Business Bureau...right after I share this post with U-haul and my nearly half-million visitors a month. :)

If you have a similar story feel free to leave a comment AND be sure to go post it on their Facebook page. 

Happier things coming soon!


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