new home tour - downstairs edition

Believe it or not...we're nearly all settled in here.  Have been for a couple of days.  During this whole process, I've heard from many that it's common practice to live out of boxes and with bare walls for weeks or months after a move.  I just can't live like that...I wanted to "make home" and get on with to speak.

Our new house is amazing...nearly twice the square footage of our house in Charlottesville.  There is a great story behind it but I will tell you that part during the next Ebeneezer segment.  It's pretty good. My favorite part of this house is the light!! So much natural light that we hardly turn on a lamp during the day.  It's lovely.  I just can't get enough of it.  Our neighborhood is pretty quiet too...with a nice loop that the boys can ride their bikes all the way around, something we have done every day since we moved in.    

Let's start the tour...above is our living room...with our awesome new couch.  Once it was in place we decided that we needed another armless piece to lengthen that part under the photo wall.  It should be here in 14-21 days. :)
This is what you see when you walk in the front door...
The view from the couch...
View from the couch again...all the way to the right.  That's my studio there!
Next to the living room is what we are using as a dining room.  I have no idea what kind of a room this is supposed to be but it works perfectly as a living room for us.  Table will soon have a aqua and white chevron rug under it.  
This is my inspiration corner.  Sad?  Stand here and read until it passes.  All prints are from Etsy.
Random hodgepodge of happy things.
From the dining room you can see the kitchen. 
More kitchen...
...our heritage wall...a little Norway, Dutch and Swedish in here...
And the light!!! I mean the kitchen.  Rug is from Urban Outfitters.
Kitchen leads to studio...
And the happiest place on Earth.  At least to me. Rug is from Ikea. 

And there's the living room again.
And a tiny cute bathroom off of the kitchen. 

We love everything about this house.  Did you know that I didn't even see it until the day we moved in? 

Talk about trust in a marriage! :) Doug did a great job. 

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