On growing old{er}

Do you think about getting older?

I do but not in what I am assuming is the typical way a woman my age thinks about it. I'll be 33 this year. For some reason 33 seems MUCH older than 32 but not really OLD altogether. For me, getting older is more of a focus on what is going on INSIDE my mind and body than what is going on on the outside.

Some women in their almost mid-thirties may be researching botox and liposuction. Some start crazy diets and exercise regimes that take up huge parts of their days. Others look for ways to cover their gray(ing) hair and wrinkles.

To me, overall, much of that is a waste of my precious life.

I'm not saying exercise and a healthy diet are bad or any of the other things either. I'm just saying, as women, there tend to be segments of our lives where we focus on them more than we should, and the older we get, the more frequent the bouts of "too much" occur.

No, I don't give too much thought to these things past getting my 30 minutes of exercise a day and eating my veggies.

When I think about getting older, I think about Doug's grandparents. To sit with them and listen to stories from their combined 180 years on this Earth is an amazing testament to a life well-lived.

They are full of stories of how they have been helped by others and helped others. How they have made it through tough times and times of bounty. They are known as good, generous, God-loving people. They will be always remembered as a good example to our kids on how to live your life to the fullest and in wise and longstanding ways.

When I think about getting older, I think about how I will be thought of at 90.

Will my grandkids see the same in me as I can see in the grandparents above? Will I be a reflection of what it means to be a GOOD and deep person and not a reflection of vain battles against aging and old age? When I get to 90 how much regret will I have over things not done or done too much? What kinds of things will I miss about being 33?

Will my kids be happily settled with kids of their own? Will they love God with a deeper fierceness than I have? Will they look fondly on the years of ours that overlapped?

These are the thoughts that swirl through my head when I think about getting older. These are the things that keep me up at night, praying and hoping to be an amazing reflection of a life well-lived. Pushing through the opinions that society at large tries to convince me to embrace about aging and instead breaking through and learning to grasp what matters and pursue ways to spend my precious life that won't leave me as a 90 year old full of regret.

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