40 ideas - Number 6 - Ding dong donuts!

 Welcome to my lofty dream of providing you with 40!!! fun activities you can do with your kids!  Many at the drop of a hat!  I bet for many of these you will have the materials you need on hand or can find them at the dollar store or on the cheap at the local craft store!  This list will contain simple, cheap and FUN crafts or activities that ANYONE can do!  And better yet, they will be kid tested and approved!

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Today's activity comes from Julie who blogs over at Joy's Hope.


Two of my favorite things ever, are feeding people and adventures.
Why not wake up early and do both?
 Saturday mornings are the best mornings of the week.  It is the only day that we are all together for breakfast, and the only morning where the kids sleep in. Imagine their surprise when I woke my big girls up early for a little adventure. They love adventures.
 First stop- the grocery store for a sunny balloon and some orange juice.
 Next stop our favorite little donut shop.  The only one in town that makes French Crullers.  Is there any other kind of donut worth eating? They picked a fun sprinkle filled assortment (with a few for themselves and their baby sister, of course...)
 Then back to the car to decorate the box.
Our friends surprised us with donuts months ago, and it was about time that we got them back. These girls however were not very sneaky at being sneaky.
Ding dong donuts, and a quick sprint back to the car.
(We totally got caught, but I think that is half of the fun.)
Who wouldn't love a little sunshine and sugar on their doorstep?
Yay for surprise adventures!
Happy ding dong donut-ing!

Hop on over to Julies blog to download the cute free printable she used!  

Thank you Julie, go say hi to her and get your printable at Joy's Hope.

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