40 Ideas! Number 1-Dino Fossils!

Welcome to my lofty dream of providing you with 40!!! fun activities you can do with your kids!  Many at the drop of a hat!  I bet for many of these you will have the materials you need on hand or can find them at the dollar store or on the cheap at the local craft store!  This list will contain simple, cheap and FUN crafts or activities that ANYONE can do!  And better yet, they will be kid tested and approved!

If you would like to be a guest blogger in this series email me at ricracandpompoms @ gmail . com!   

Our first activity is dino fossils!!  I had no idea the boys would like these so much!  First we read "How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum".  Then I told the boys we were going to make our OWN dino fossils!  They were stoked!!
All you need is an air dry clay of some sort.  I used Crayola Air Dry Clay and I got it from Jo-ann.  There are several varieties of kid safe clay that you could use, I just had this on hand.

You also need a variety of small dinosaurs.  These were in our collection and were about 2in long.  
 These were simple and fun and got a huge reaction from my boys!  Here's how you do it...
Take a chunk of clay and roll it and knead it into an egg shaped ball and flatten it.  
I then put the "egg" on the lid of the clay container and let Moses gently put the dino into the clay. 
We pushed them in about half way...
Then pulled them out gently...by the tail worked best!
And voila! You have a fossil!  If your kids are old enough you can let them paint them when the clay dries.  
We made a bunch and the boys like to play a matching game by matching the dinos up with their fossils. 

Have fun!  And come back soon to see all the rest of the wonderful things you can try!

Until then you can have a "mini art lesson" or "paint with pudding" or "go crazy with shaving cream"!

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