the $10 coffee table.

Most people getting ready to move do things like pack, sort and clean.  Me?  What better time to start and finish projects, right?
We've been searching for a coffee table for some time.  We wanted cheap, real wood and a certain shape.  Hello yard sale find from a sweet old lady for $10.  It was in pretty good shape.  Normal people would have taken it home, polished it and called it a day.  But we had a vision. 
I wanted the top to look like a vintage sign.  Doug had the idea to add our last name.  I googled some inspiration, settled on a color and there we go.  (Spray paint was Rustoleum red- not sure of the name).     
I printed out my stencil and cut them out.  I used "Poster Script" and "Arial Black".  
I primed and painted.  
I traced the stencils after measuring for placement.  
I got this far the first night...
...then added a few more details the next day.
When it was dry, I gave it a good sanding to age it.  
And then I loved it forever. :) 
Just an FYI.  You may notice that if you sand over white words they will pick up some of the color they are painted this case, my letters turned pink.  I just went over the letters with a magic eraser and it got them back to white and I was still able to sand them the way I wanted them. 

The best part is that the boys can't hurt it.  Win.  Win.  Win. 

I love a good makeover. 

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