what i made for monday- easy cookie brownie oreos (or pb cups)

I've decided that anything hiding an oreo is good stuff. 
You won't be disappointed if you make these.  Not a chance.
All you need is Oreos, peanut butter cups (the normal sized ones may work better but I already had the little ones on hand), brownie mix (mixed up according to directions on the box), a package of "break and bake" cookie dough and muffin tins.  
Smush one cookie dough square into the bottom of each tin. 
Like so...
Add an Oreo or peanut butter cup to the top of each one...
Cover each one with brownie mix.
Bake at 350 for 13-15 minutes.
Devour.  Share.  Devour.  Whatever.  
The Oreo ones were my favorite but it's not like the peanut butter ones were terrible. 

Idea found on pinterest with no link to original pinner. :) 

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