Happy Birthday Little Bit Funky!!!

Today marks the FIVE year anniversary of my sweet little business Little Bit Funky!
I am SO proud of how far it and I have come over the last five years...all that I have learned and shared and grown!
I can still remember the day that Doug came home from work and I told him "I think I'm gonna make cards and sell them in an online shop".  I had no idea that that decision would turn into a real live business where I can earn just as much as I could with my COLLEGE DEGREE!  Crazy!

In fact, I truly believe that Little Bit Funky is part of the reason that God moved us to Charlottesville.

There aren't many days that I am not completely enamored with what I get to do for a living, all will taking care of my little monkeys.  I am blessed and grateful for it all.  I am especially grateful for each and every one of you who have supported me over the last five years...so many of you have become dear friends to me and I am forever thankful for your support!

So let's celebrate!!!    

As you can see from above and if you have peeked into the shop lately, I've been inspired to start making all sorts of cute pouches and iPad sleeves (Kindle sleeves coming soon!).  I'll also be making some sunglasses cases and who knows what else. 

To celebrate my five year anniversary I'll send ONE of you a happy, happy birthday package from me!  Who knows what I will find to put in there but it will at least contain an iPad or Kindle case, a pouch and a sunglasses case! 

To enter this giveaway leave me a comment telling me how long you have been a Little Bit Funky fan and/or how you found me! :) I'll choose a winner next week!

Have a great Friday!

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