Farm Field Trip-2012

Moses had a school field trip this week.  It was the BEST field trip ever!!  We had so much fun.  There were cows, baby goats, chickens, donkeys and all sorts of fun things to learn.  Aaron got to tag along, too!  The whole day made me feel very fortunate that Moses has gotten to spend these two years at such a wonderful school.  We will surely miss it!!  
Baby goats are heart should see them hop and they are SO soft!
We made butter from fresh milk!
Moses milked a cow!
Moses cracked up when the donkey actually "hee-hawed" at him!

We fed baby goats...
and cows, too!

Aaron and this goat...oh man, did they love each other.  
They just sat there like this for a while and nuzzled each others faces.  And then Aaron kissed him.  On the lips.  A few times. 

It was a great day.  We went home happy and tired.  And wanting a baby goat. 

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