Blake's Quilt!

I don't know what's wrong with my brain but clearly there is something.  Why else would I suddenly NEED to complete my nephews quilt precisely at the most frantic time of my life in the last few years?   But I did it.  I set a goal for three days (because I need a crazy deadline) and went to work. 
It may be my best work...and I am thankful that a nice wash and tumble in the dryer makes up for a multitude of sewing sins.  A meticulous quilter I am not...but I do alright. :) 
The front is super simple...I cut five half yards (of Fox trails by Riley Blake) into 3in strips...sewed them together and then used various Kona shades in 3in strips to make a border. 
This little fox is my first go at piecing work...I wasn't sure about him before he got washed and dried...but now I love him.  
The back may be better than the front...pieced together leftover strips from the front, and various Kona color blocks.  

I quilted it by sewing straight lines down either side of the seams on the front. 
It just so happens that this quilt is going to my nephew a little tag from the selvedge was perfect.  
My quilting is far from perfect but I gave up on perfect quilting long's much more fun if I just go with it and accept the little quirks that I always manage to sew into a quilt. 

Oh sweet crinkle-ly goodness...

The binding is also from the Fox Trails line. 

I love it.  And now I am only two niece/nephews behind. :)

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