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Happy Memorial day to you! 

As crazy as it sounds...this has been the best holiday ever.  Do you want to know why?  It's not because of what we did or where we went.  It was because this Memorial day was the FIRST holiday EVER for us as a couple where working retail was not part of our lives.  It feels SO great knowing that Doug has off EVERY weekend.  He get a ton of paid holidays that he HAS to more begging for time off and being denied.  He gets a WEEK off for the 4th of July!  We are so thrilled to be leaving the world of retail faaaaaar behind us.  Though I will say, it should be a law somewhere that everyone has to work in retail and be a waiter/waitress at some point of their young lives.  You learn a lot about how to treat people in both worlds.

So, we didn't do much but for the first time ever we got to do all American holiday things ON the actual holiday.    
We had a cookout and I made Moses a hedgehog watermelon.
We went swimming at a local lake and the boys and I made the news!
And I knocked this project OUT!  I found this gem at Goodwill for $30.  It was ugly.  But I knew there was a good shell in there.  It is solid wood and HEAVY.   
Here she is cleaned, shined and with new handles.  We lived with her like this until spray painting season began here in Virginia.
Here she is in her undies! 3 cans of Valspar primer.
And here she is all dressed up!  3 cans of "Exotic Sea" by Valspar.  The knobs are from Lowes.
 Once the paint was dry, I gave all the edges a good sanding!
Look at all the pretty character...

I love it.  She sure will bring some nice color to our new rental...which is painted fully in builder beige. :)

I love Goodwill! :)

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