We have three Goodwill stores in our area.  Throughout the week I will pop into each one at least once.  Sometimes there is nothing but junk.  Other times, all of my searching and looking pays off.
Yesterday, we popped into my favorite Goodwill.  I spied this HUGE box of what appeared to be a random assortment of Christmas decorations.  All I could see was what you see above but with a little peeking, I could tell that it just HAD to be full of treasures.  I could tell that each item inside had been wrapped in a sandwich baggie and I just knew that no worker at the Goodwill would do that.  That meant no one had looked through it.  With a price tag of $4, it was mine.  I couldn't wait to go through it.   
And wouldn't you know...it was FULL of over 150 vintage Shiny Brite ornaments!!!!!
I may have squealed a few times as I opened them.  And opened them.  And opened them. 

There were a few from pre-WW II and there were a few of these, made during WW II.  They have paper caps instead of the normal metal ones. :) 

There were hardly any plain ones...each was an odd shape or decorated beautifully.

We estimated that IF I wanted to sell them the whole collection would be worth $300-$500!!!  Not too bad for a $4 investment. :)

Have you ever found any amazing treasures at the goodwill? 

And a HAPPY HAPPY birthday to my wonderful husband!!  He is THE most amazing man a girl could ask to be married to!  I'm so excited to see what this new year holds for him!! :)
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