20 minute crafter-- Pez dispenser display!

Last week I solved a simple, little, annoying problem. 
My boys (and I) like Pez dispensers.  But like stuffed animals and gremlins, if you leave them alone in a room together, they WILL multiply.  They were everywhere and there was no reigning them in.
I spied this idea in Family Fun magazine and I knew I'd be making one...or two.  
I got a HUGE oval quilting hoop from Joann for about $3.50 and two yard sticks from Lowe's for .64c each. 
I measured, cut and leveled out the yardsticks.  Then while I have it all laying level and flat, I tack it together with wood glue. 
When that was dry, I reinforced it a bit more with more wood glue.  
When it was totally dry, I used scissors to cut off the excess glue. 
 Spray paint it, sand it and hang it!
Once in our new house, I will hang it firmly in place.  
And that's it.  One collection of little things under wraps.  Easy, peasy! :)

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