life lately.

I'd rather have long, uninterrupted conversations in the car with my husband than to be able to say "my kids never watch TV in the car".  Thank you DVD player and headphones on long trips.
Thank you robins for coming back!  Counting the days to see your babies!
Hi Jack.  Please stop growing. 
 Making a wish.  Please come true!
I love goodwill.  I love $100 file cabinets for 85% off.  
I love giving old things new life.
I love adding my name to my favorite things.  Just living my brand.
How old is he again?
Loving the freedom of "free sew" time.  And the mug rugs that are born of that time.
Love this bike fabric so much that I fussy cut out each bike to use one at a time. :)
My prescription for stress-ure.  {stress+pressure}.  Weight gain is worth it.  Totally.  
Loving this $3.08 trip to CVS.  My stockpile is a glorious sight.

What are you loving?  What are you up to?  Leave me a link to a blog post so I can come visit! :) 

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