unfathomable testimony.

Two amazing points of testimony I give you, especially to the people who say that the Bible is faulty, full of nice fable an written by mere men.  I give you this (YAY!):

And this bit of info that our pastor shared this morning:
If you take the probability of fulfilling eight of the most difficult to manipulate prophesies about Jesus that he fulfilled (there were over 300+ that he did fulfill) you get a number that is 1 x 10 to the 17th power.  That is the equivalent of covering Texas in stacks of silver dollars two feet deep, marking ONE of them, shuffling them completely up, blindly grabbing one it it being the ONE that you marked.  

WOW.  Just think about that.  Both of them.  Amazing, awesome testimony of who our God is.

Nothing from nothing can't produce that. :)
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