painting wooden spoons!

Yesterday was STRESSful for me.  I know I will sound like a complete wuss but it was.  Aaron had his first dentist visit and came out with SIX cavities.  :(  That completely bums me out for him.  Add to that the verbal scolding I feel like I got from the dentist and his helper and I was in the pits yesterday.  It completely baffles me...Moses and Aaron have the same diet essentially and one has perfect teeth and the other apparently inherited both my super soft teeth and Doug's close together teeth.  Not a nice combo for keeping cavities away.

I felt like the doctor didn't believe me when he asked...well does he drink a lot of juice? Does once every few days count?  Does he eat a lot of candy?  Does a couple times a month count? Don't give him food or drink after brushing teeth before bed.  Never done that.  Don't let him have soda.  Has never happened.  Does he eat a lot of those "kid" yogurts?  Never.  I swear they went down the whole list and I could say with conviction that my kids don't eat a bunch of junk.  It has to be genetics.  Were any of your kids that way?  

Anyway...I'm happy to have dental insurance and I am thankful that they are baby teeth.  And I am making Doug take him for the fillings.     
Yesterday seemed like a good day to tackle this project.  After seeing it on House of Earnest, I just knew my wooden utensils were meant for greater things.  I gathered them up, scuffed the shiny ones a little with sandpaper and painted myself a rainbow.   
Once they are dry they will be coated with a layer of food/baby/people safe shellac.  I used regular non-toxic craft paint and was sure to keep my painted area pretty far from where it would come in contact with food on a regular basis. 

And now to find the right way to display them in my kitchen....

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