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Every so often you may see a new sponsor pop up over there on the right. 
I do offer a few slots but I am discriminate.  I only sell those spots to wonderful people (email me!).  They have to BE awesome and DO awesome.  Which is why Artsy Matilda fits right in.  She is one of THE most darling people I have met in a long, while. She is sweet and bubbly and happy!
Here's a little about Cheri:
Cheri has spent her entire life in performing and visual arts.  After 38 years of dancing from L.A. to Broadway, Cheri and her husband moved to the mountains in Northwestern NC and found a calmer, slower paced life.  Cheri began her mixed media mosaic art in earnest after meeting Chrissie Grace and has continued along that vein since 2005.  Not being able to stick to only one avenue, Cheri is also a fabric and paper enthusiast.  Her sewing skills from all those years in costumes and pointe shoe ribbons have taken a new turn into fabric inspiration and art journal making, ipod, ipad, computer, notebook and kindle covers, bags and purses.  Among the newer items are hand woven purses and journal covers, as well as “glass quilts”, which are made from vintage windows, glass and quilt designs.  Having always been an avid writer, Artsymatilda is the way Cheri records her journey while feeding her soul. 
Cheri was sweet enough to send me THE sweetest journal ever...each page was made with ME in mind.  I can only imagine the hours and hours and hours she pours into them. 
I couldn't believe the page after page of details.  I literally felt loved after looking through it. :)
You can just tell that she loves what she does, that she is an amazing artist that pours themselves into their work. 
Here is the darling one she made for one of you! :) I promise, with all the thought, love and care that went into this, that I have NO doubt that it will end up with just the right person.  This here journal is on a mission.  One of you NEED it, to document, to heal and to pour into words.

How can you enter to win it?
You can "like" Cheri's Facebook page. (You have to come back and tell me).
You can follow her sweet blog!  (You have to come back and tell me).
Or you can just leave a comment here telling me why this journal is calling to you! :) 
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