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I've been asked by BlogHer and Huggies to take some walks down memory lane and explore some (what I think will be) FUN subjects surrounding babies and having them and getting ready for them and all the fun stuff that goes with THEM! :) I volunteered for this series for selfish reasons...I think it will be a great way to document some thoughts and feelings that maybe I haven't before but should have. I hope you will enjoy them, too! :)
This week's subject is maternity clothes! Oh, maternity I loved and hated you. I don't know about all of you, but I just didn't have it in the budget to buy a series of new wardrobes for all of the stages of my ever-growing belly. It just wasn't happening.
Lucky for me, when I was pregnant with Moses, baggy gauchos were really in style, readily available, cheap and THE most comfortable thing that an ever-fattening girl could wear. I bought a pair in every color. I was pregnant for the entire duration of the spring and summer with Moses. With Aaron I was pregnant in the fall and winter, not that it mattered because I still stuck to the gauchos.
If you are a newly pregnant lady or looking to be so soon, here was my strategy for clothing my plumping body while still saving money for diapers. Aside from the multitude of gauchos, I invested in the following:
One pair of maternity jeans, to be worn a million times. They could be dressed up and down and made into different outfits by changing tops, which were much cheaper than changing jeans.
One basic pair of black maternity pants.
Loads of long tank tops one size up from what I normally wore.
Elastic-waisted skirts. I already had loads of these but I stayed on the lookout for more that could work before and after baby.
Lots of granny panties. I was dealing with enough, my undies NEEDED to not give me grief. Get over your pride and do it. You will thank me.
In that same vein...nursing bras = well worth the extra money spent on them. I would pay full price for a good nursing bra again and again.
Stretchy long shirts a size larger than my normal size.
I only bought maternity items, other than the jeans and black pants, IF I could get them on super clearance, but overall I didn't buy many. I was able to wear cardigans and such over all of my shirts and tanks, making it really easy to change up the outfits without breaking the bank.
After the baby came I was left with a lot of clothes that I could still wear until I got back to my normal clothes, and I had no guilt over having spent money on an entire wardrobe that was now useless to me. In fact, shhhhh, I still wear some of the shirts and skirts that I wore when I was pregnant with BOTH boys. :)
So that was how I stayed clothed without breaking the bank. What was your strategy for not being nude while pregnant?

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