civilized couponing 101-Lesson 2

Did you guys think I gave up on couponing? 
Well I didn't!  I was out for a couple of weeks because of illness but I am in it more than ever and getting better every day!  I was so excited to hear that I got so many of you to at least try to get in the game and I am convinced that THIS post will get even more of you into it...are you ready for how awesome this will be?    

This week, I aim to convince you to at LEAST try CVS...or at least start there.  THIS is my best series of trips to date and I am excited to share the details with you!

Now these items were purchased on one trip...I honestly don't remember all the specifics but I'll share what I remember. 
All the razors and cartridges were on sale for $9.99 each.  For each one you got $4 in Extra Bucks (CVS money) and I had a coupon for $4 for each razor and set of cartridge.  In the end each item was $2 each...I do remember averaging the cost of each razor blade and it being .88c each.  Not too bad right? 
I know the Thermacare was free with Extra Bucks.  I think the Colgate was .50 each with coupons and Extra Bucks. 
What I DO that on my next trip to CVS...
using ONLY Extra Bucks, coupons and $3...I got ALL of this and $9 in Extra really CVS paid me $6 to buy this stuff. 

And if you notice, it's all normal stuff that we would normally use!

There are no tricks involved...I only used coupons, cash and CVS Extra Bucks.  I do now buy two newspapers because I learned that the bigger papers (I get the Washington Post) give you MORE coupons and higher value coupons. 

HERE is a great post on how to learn CVS and other drug stores. 

I would also encourage you to follow For the Mommas and Hip2Save for really great daily deals and heads up on hot coupon items!  I don't regularly visit their blogs but just follow them on Facebook.
For example...earlier this week Hip2Save posted about this great deal at Target that I was able to scoop up because of her heads up on Facebook.   Target had Mederma (think stretchmarks?) on sale for $2 (normally $17) and the Mederma website had $2 off coupons making the Mederma....FREE! :)

See?  Easy stuff.  (Nearly) effortlessly saving amazing amounts of money on NORMAL things! 

I've made it my goal to never pay full price for anything ever again...and I will work hard on getting all my toiletries for free or pennies!

So have I convinced any more of you to jump in?  WHY pay full price?   
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