cinnamon rolls in a waffle iron! who knew!!

So, I've been seriously sick for the last few voice, no appetite, chills, fever, coughing and all the fun that goes away with it.  I've been self-medicating with Zicam, OJ and over the counter meds.  My head has not been all that clear and I am still not well...on the upswing maybe...but still far from 100%.

With all that going on, do you know what my first coherent thought was this morning?  I bet I can make cinnamon rolls in my waffle iron.  Really.  My first thought of the day.  I have no idea where it came from...maybe it was birthed from a pinterest pin about making cookies in a waffle iron but in my nyquil induced cloud, THIS is what my brain does to me.

So during a "good" moment today, I managed to drag myself to the grocery store and get the shopping done and I was sure to throw some good ol' pillsbury cinnamon rolls in my cart.
 I got home and spent some time on the couch to recover. 
And then I went for it.
I would spray your waffle iron with cooking spray and arrange your rolls close to the center. 
You DO NOT want them squishing out of the edge.
You need to hold your waffle iron down if it doesn't have a latch...I only had to wait the same amount of time that I do when I use the iron to make waffles.  Really.  I was shocked that it worked so quickly. 
 Just a couple minutes later...and we had cinnamon roll waffles! 
They were wonderful...and had nicely textured edges...I think I like them better this way!
They were a hit and GONE within moments.  This will be a new thing for us!

Did you know this was possible?  Try it, you'll like it. :)

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