ask the internets.

You know one of my favorite things about having this blog?  It's the ability to get the perspective of 1,000's of different people in one swoop! 

You are a vast resource of information and I am calling on you once again.  Will you help?

So, Doug is seriously considering going back to school to get his Masters degree in business.  We've only gotten as far as filling out the fafsa and began looking at places where he could get an ONLINE degree.  Online is key. 

So my question, OUR question is this, what do you think of a place like University of Phoenix versus someplace more traditional like Penn State or Liberty University?  U of P is accredited.  It's flexible and seems very conducive to our lives, which is important. 

He is not aiming to work as a professor or really even in the educational field but more likely industry.

Do you have a degree from Phoenix?  What is your experience?  There seems to be a great divide between those who have gone there and loved it and those who completely discount it. 

I would love to hear your input!  Thanks in advance and please be nice! :)
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