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I get asked a lot how I do my little hoops.  It's really easy to explain in two words.  Back stitch. 
Really, I use that stitch 90% of the time.  It's easy, fast and it doesn't require thought.  You can bet if I do something a lot, that means it doesn't require a lot of patience.
Here is some basic equipment you will need:
embroidery hoop (I find that 8in is a good working size)
(I get these from consumercrafts.com for less than $1 each)
scissors (bought from a local shop)
embroidery thread (averages about .33c per skein)
embroidery needle
iron on transfer pencil  (my favorite brand is clover in blue, you can find them on amazon).
fabric (i use all sorts but muslin is a good basic fabric to use)
My favorite way of transferring a pattern is to use the iron on transfer pencil.  You print your pattern of choice off of your printer in REVERSE, especially important if you have words in your pattern.  Once printed, you trace over the pattern with your iron on pencil, then iron it onto the fabric of your choice.  Super easy and uncomplicated.  
Here's the super easy back stitch.  Start with about 18in of thread on your needle, with a knot tied in the end.  Num one above is where you pull the thread through...into two and out three. 
Then four (which was two in the previous photo) and five. 
And repeat for your whole pattern.  

See?  Easy.  You can do it! :)  Any questions?  I'll answer them in the comment section!
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