20 minute crafter-how to make fabric covered buttons!

Every so often I dismiss a 20 minute crafter idea because I think it's too simple or that everyone already knows how to do THAT.  And then I reconsider when I remember that just a few years ago, I would have had no idea how to do almost anything I can do now...I learned from Google.  I often say "With Jesus and Google I can do all things". :)

So here is a very simple 20 minute crafter...how to make those super cute fabric covered buttons that you can use for any number of things...from magnets to dresses.  It's a great way to use up your scraps...depending on the size you make you can use scraps as small as 1in squared!  Want to know how easy it is to make them? 
First, you need a kit like this.  You can buy it any any craft store for a couple of dollars.  MY favorite place to buy them is online at Tobysmom on Etsy.  They come in all sizes from bitty to huge!
Now, don't hate me, but I got a HUGE bag of multiple sizes at goodwill for less than $1. 
You'll need some scraps...
You start like this...you want enough so that the two sides almost touch if you were to fold them towards each other with the button blank in the middle.  
With the button still centered, push it into the white rubbery part of the kit. 
Trim the corners...
Fold the edges in...
Grab a button backing and...
...push down into the button blank...it may make a little "click".  
Pop the button out and you are done! 
It's a great little task to do while watching TV.  You can make these into barrettes and pins and magnets...add them to hoops, make them into earrings.

Easy!  Have fun making some!

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