one sentence or less.

Here are some things I've been up to in one sentence or less per photo:
Above, a keepsake hoho made exclusively from the clothes sent to me (minus the fur).
I got a glimpse last week of 15 year old Moses, and I liked it.
OCD is quenched. 
Hoho is cute.
I hope I'm making a cute skirt.
 Now you can buy a hoho anytime from HERE. 
You can also add any name to a hoho buy buying THIS LISTING when you buy a hoho.
I got crazy with the fish bone stitch. 

Also, THANK YOU for your kind thoughts and prayers.  I feel covered and loved.  We still have a lot of mountains to climb but we could have one HUGE win for us this week. 

Some days you could keep in your thoughts to pray for are Monday and Thursday.  If both turned out favorably it would be HUGE HUGE HUGE. 

I am so thankful for this network to pull from and I am so thankful for YOU!

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