living without fear.

This post may be a little vague.  Because it has to be really, for the protection of those I love. 

But the Johnsens are being slammed.  Hurt.  Wounded and beaten by those in the position to do so.  We are struggling to hold our heads up high.  We are wandering through the dark at the moment, even though we KNOW good things are just around the corner.  You know how the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.... 

A lot of people don't understand why I wear my emotions or my fears or my hopes or my dreams on my sleeve.  I do that for one reason:  prayer.  Why do I put myself out there?  Aren't I worried about being hurt or judged or people knowing "my business".  Well, my "business" is being human, and I have always believed that transparency leads to intimacy with others.  Showing our flaws and shortcomings reveals true beauty.  Pretending to have it all together can lead others to feeling deficient and lame. 

When I got pregnant with both of the boys, we told the world while the pregnancy test was still wet.  (gross, I know but I am making a point).  People would be shocked that we told so early.  We were chastised at times.  But you know why we did it?  Prayer.  I figured, the more people who knew, the more people could pray.  And if, sadly, something bad had happened you know what?  The more people who knew the more people could pray.  Darkness is something that no one should be alone in. 

We are called to bear one anothers burdens, in love.  A weight that is carried by many becomes light as a feather.  I know that many of you love me and will pray for my family right now, and how silly and selfish of me would it be to not call on the healing power of praying friends?

I will be able to share the whole story eventually, but not yet.  SOON I hope.

If you are so drawn, you could pray for strength, hope, for doors to be opened, for protection and above all, for peace for we are persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

We KNOW that there is a plan and we are using all of our strength to cling to that.  I appreciate your prayers, sweet friends and I am thankful for this HUGE body of believers to turn to!  I know that by writing this that 1,000's will be praying for us and that brings me huge comfort.


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