Happy Birthday Aaron!

Today is my Aaron's birthday!  You might know him as hoho!  I'm not sure how much longer he will allow me to call him hoho or refer to his little buns as my "snack crackers" but for however many moments I have left, I will take them.  For each birthday, I like to write the boys a letter, just to say all the things that should be said, to be sure that one day, they know all the ways they fill my heart.
Dear Aaron,
Today you are three.  I know that every mom in the history of moms has said this...but didn't we JUST bring you home from the hospital?  Wasn't your grandma just here for a week to help us get adjusted to you?  Weren't you just tiny and helpless?  These have, indeed, been the fastest three years of my life.  Time has not only flown, it has soared.  You are three and you are wonderful. 

I won't lie, your strong personality has been tough to get used to.  You don't follow in your brothers rule following, toeing the line kind of ways.  You hear your own drummer.  You push buttons (real and figurative), climb walls (literally), talk back, eat things you shouldn't eat, stick things in places they should never go, define sass and are loud and crazy most of the time.  But you know what?  That doesn't bother me one bit.  You be you.  Even if it wears me out and I have to read a million parenting books to figure out what you need from me, I will do it.  And you know why?  Underneath all that wild and crazy is really sweet little boy.  I can see your heart and see all the goodness in there.  Even though you are a wild thing, there is not a speck of malice or ill intent in you.  You are loving and kind.  You love babies and little girls.  You love to help and do big boy jobs.  Instead of trying to change you or make you more like your brother, like some have advised, I am going to do what I feel like God is telling me to do...steer you in His direction.  God has a purpose for you JUST how you are.  He made you you for a reason, and I am learning how to be the kind of mom that you need me to be. 

I was just telling your dad just the other day that I could see you as a really great youth pastor.  You know the kind that is fun and crazy and on fire for the Lord.  The kind that needs a little reminder to tone it down now and then but who also makes loving Jesus as attractive as it should be.  I don't know what you will do with your life, but I know that God has the perfect purpose for you and all you are.

Your dad and I love you just the way God made you.  You are fun and funny and full of energy.  Don't ever let anyone change your spunk and love for life.  Your joy is contagious and I hope it always stays that way. 

I hope your third year on Earth is the best yet.  Thank you for teaching me and stretching me.  You being YOU makes me a better me. :)

Love when you are good, bad and crazy, too! :) --Love, your mama.
 Showing three in fingers is a tough trick...
 ...maybe this will help...
 ...a little help from dad...
 and you got it! :) Yay for three! :)
 And just for fun...here's Aaron at birth...
 ...through one!
 And two!
And three!  Happy birthday to my favorite three year old! :)

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