back in town!

We've been hiding out in Blacksburg since Friday.  Can you find us?  
We spent some time with our favorite Jack.
I made hoho a giant "PB & J" for his first birthday party cake. :)
It snowed 6 inches and managed to be warm enough the next day for my husband to play in the snow with the boys in short sleeves and gloves.   
It was well received by all.
 It was beautiful and not even the best part of the weekend. 
We got to spend lots of time with this little guy...
 ...who managed to completely change since we saw him last.
He was not impressed with Aaron's party.
And apparently neither was Aaron, who informed me at bedtime, that for his real birthday, he would like a "regular" birthday cake.  Stinker.

It was a good break from reality.  And while we were there we got two big wins for us(things we have been praying for!!)!  One HUGE one and one good one. :) We just need one more HUGE thing and eeeek!! Keep praying! :) And thank you for all the prayers you've said on my behalf! :) 
And one last thing...I wanted some bright hair pins, so I made some for myself and I have these extras.  I won't be making more and if you would like to claim some, just leave me a comment with the numbers you would like and your paypal email address.  $4.75 a pair and $3 for shipping.  Pairs ( 5, 9, & 12 are already claimed).

Happy week to you!
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