pretty work.

You know what my favorite orders are?  The ones where I get an email, the person ordering says "I need something kinda like this"...shares a kinda vague idea and lets me run with it. 
And you know what?  They usually get my very best because creativity can just flow unrestrained.   
My friend Beth requested something reminiscent of a state fair with some gingham thrown in for her daughters 5th birthday. 
What resulted is one of my most favorite things to make ever...the ideas just came coming and it all came together so nicely.
 From the sweet little "blue ribbon piggy"...
 ...with button details and a hand stitched face... layers of tulle and vintage pompoms...
 ...I just kept adding details as they came to was FUN to make and easy because I just knew that Beth would love it because she is always so appreciative of the creative process and creative people in general.
And then, when I thought I was done, this HAD to be of those "I have to make this NOW", kinds of ideas. 
 And what little birthday girl doesn't want a fancy little crown?
Just a sweet little extra detail that I hope will make the birthday girl feel all the more special.  I may just need to add these to the shop...SO fun to make!  
I'm so thankful that THIS is my job.  What a blessing.

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