i heart narwhals.

Little known fact about me?
I am in love with and obsessed with Narwhals. 
Who needs Unicorns when something like this REALLY exists? 
I will take one of each of the following please. :)
Print by House of Tender Beasts.
I could totally rock this t-shirt.  Yes, I could.  In a large. 
Because Etsy shirts are meant for teeny women. 
T-shirt by GnomEnterprises.
Look how fat and cute he is?!  Yes, please.  
Pendant by Metal Smitten. 
Be still my heart.  My wall needs this.  
Print by Black Apple.
Ummmm...a Narwhal cardigan?  Has there ever been an article of clothing more meant for me? 
Cardigan by Marty May.

My favorite thing about Narwhals is telling people about them.  And then trying to convince them that they are actually real things.  They are.  Google them. 

Happy Tuesday!
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