hoopity do da

I'm kind of in love with hoops right now. 
All shapes and sizes. 
There is just something endearing and lovely about them. 
And I have added a few new ones to the shop. 
Wanna see?
The first is this little bitty thing.  Just a little something to give to a friend.  Can totally be personalized with colors to match a nursery or whatever.  Would make a great little ornament or gift topper.  You can find it in the shop HERE. 
This one came from my desire to have a little something for the boys in my shop, too.  Poor things are seriously neglected in the hand made world.  I could, on request, make it in girly colors, too.  You can buy one of these HERE.  
And this one I really, really LOVE.   This one is much bigger at 12in and can be completely personalized with name, verse or saying and colors. :) A great way to give a completely unique gift, don't you think?  You can buy one to give or keep, HERE
And do you know what my all time favorite thing to make is?  Above is a hint at the before...
And here's the after.  A wonderful, completely unique hoho made from outgrown  and special baby clothes. :) Is there a more special way to keep those clothes in use and around?  I think not. :)
Just look at that face...special to you because of what he is made from and special to them because it's their own special friend. :) You can order your own from the shop HERE.
And for some reason, when I first pulled those little pants from the package my first thought was "THESE MUST BECOME A BOW TIE!!".  So from the extra fabric, I made a bow tie.
Just think...your little boys favorite pants or shirt could become a bow tie that he could wear for years.
Want one too?  Just let me know and I would be happy to work with you. :) I could even make a hair bow for the girls. :)

And just because I love you...here's a little coupon to get 10% off of all of the above. Just enter "JAN10" in the coupon section when you check out.

I don't ever think I have offered a coupon for hoho's before...and it will be a long, long time before it happens again. :)

I hope your day is THE BEST!

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