snow and other fluff.

Good morning friends! :) I hope this finds you well and super happy!
Just wanted to let you know that we are still alive here...a little crazy and fast paced, but alive and well.
We got JUST enough snow the other day for Aaron and Moses to joyfully play outside, build approximately six marble sized snowmen/balls and yet it was still warm enough to be in a light jacket.  Thank you Virginia, you're the best!
We went to Blacksburg again and spent some time with our adorable little nephew Jack.  We're trying to get out there once a month, you know, until we LIVE there.  Visiting this adorable baby has the added benefit of being able to see loads of our friends who live in that area as well.   
Uncle Keeker (as Aaron calls him) has the most boy adventure inducing yard ever.  Full of rocks to climb and sticks to turn into swords.  The boys love it.
And the boys LOVE, love, LOVE Jack.  We all do.
He's short, bald and has a lot of love to give.
While we were in Blacksburg, Doug and I celebrated our six year wedding anniversary.  We partied like we are married with kids and took family out to Olive Garden.  While these little ones aren't technically our niece and nephew, they practically are and we love them and treat them as such.
(As a little teaser...stay tuned for next week when I will be giving away a $100 gift card to Olive Garden.  For Reals!) 
I've never seen boys as in love with a baby as my boys are with Jack.  It's wonderful to see their little tender sides come out around him, though sometimes muffled by their normal crazy selves.
Do you coupon?  I officially started this year.  I have a nerd binder and all.  My goal for the year is to take as much advantage as possible of this...without being THAT woman at the store.  I don't need ten bottles of free mustard but I will take bottles of laundry detergent for $1.25.  Do you have any coupon sites I need to know about?
And new stash of fabrics came in the mail.  Delicious eye candy even if I were to never do anything with it. 

And one more thing.  Unless a vortex of time opens up, I plan on closing the shop for the rest of the month, or at least until I can get caught up.  So if you would like to order something before then, I would LOVE to add you to the list.  Just order soon.  I may leave the pdf's and patterns in the shop and remove everything else. 

I hope your week is being good to you...what day is it again?

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