custom order sunday.

Hello friends!
A happy, happy Sunday to you!
Here's a little taste of what I've been working on.
This is my newest hoop design.  Simple and sweet and made with little (or big) girls in mind.  I just love it and the sweet message it delivers.  You can buy one here.
And if you've ever wondered "Could Crystal really make a hoho for me out of what I have?".
Let this example put that to rest.  I was sent this obviously, very loved and treasured lovey. 
And though it took a bit of thinking and planning...
I think the resulting hohos turned out very cute. :) I was able to reinforce the stronger areas of the blanket and make it sturdy enough to make hoho parts.  Now the original owners children will have a little bit of their mom to be with them always.  Don't you LOVE them?  I do. :) 
In some cases, I only use what you send others I add to it...either way, it is always a HUGE honor for me to be entrusted with something so meaningful to someone and to create something for them to love all over again.  Keepsake hohos are my FAVORITE hoho's to make.  You can order one for yourself right here.   
And, I don't know why I never thought of this, but I added a little bow to the girl ones. :) Eeek! I love them and I hope their new owners will, too.
And my poor little hoho got into it with the pavement and lost. Thankfully nothing was broken, teeth or otherwise and in the end he was more irritated than anything. 
Don't hasn't subdued his sass or spunk.  :)

Happy Sunday to you!!
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