20 minute crafter-Upcycled Jewelry Display Frame

My jewelry is breathing a sigh of relief today...after years of being stuffed in a dark jewelry box for years, it's finally free to breathe some fresh air and strut it's stuff...and be more likely to be worn, too!
I will say that this idea is not totally unique to me...several versions of this are floating around pinterest but I have no direct person to credit with...I did not use a tutorial but made it up as I went.  I will say that my friend Leah posted one that she made on facebook and the idea stuck in my head. 
This is a very EASY and satisfying craft to make and would surely be an appreciated gift.  Want to make one? 
You need a good frame to start with...this DARLING art was 3.95 at Goodwill.  I liked the shape and how it was constructed...both made it good for this project. 
You will need what I am calling "radiator covering". 
It's a mesh you can find at Lowe's.  It was with the diamond plating.  You would use it if you were going to make a box to cover an old radiator but wanted it to be able to "breathe". 
It's not exactly cheap...but you can get several frames out of it...or one HUGE one. 
I paid $26 for a 24 by 36in sheet BUT if you average that out per frame...it only cost me about $6 worth for this project.  So...think "who can I make one of these for?".  OK?
You will need a hot glue gun and paint. 
Start by removing the back...this may vary depending on how your frame is made.  Remove hideous art and toss it.   

Remove the glass and put it aside for now...you will need it in a minute. 
 Now when I mentioned the construction of the frame this is what I meant...this frame has a nice little ledge for the mesh to sit on...you will want a little space between the mesh and the back of the frame and a little ledge like this will give you that...but no ledge?  Don't worry...I will show you how to fix that. :)
 Paint the frame...I just used craft paint...if it was spray painting season here, I would have done that.
 Paint the inside of the back. 
 While they are drying you will need to get your glass out and trace it onto the mesh...
 ...a sharpie works great.

Carefully cut out your mesh.  I used heavy duty scissors but you could use tin snips or even kitchen shears.  But it will be SHARP.  I cut myself so be careful!
 Nice work.
 Now use the mesh to replace where the glass was and at the places where the little ledges are...use your glue gun to glue in place.  My poor glue gun is over ten years old...don't make fun of it. 

Screw the back back on and you are done!
 Now here is an alternative method...in case you don't have ledges or to at least jog your brain to think about how to do this with other frames.  Here is what I did for this frame...whose back is stapled on with a little opening to slide out the art or glass...
 It had no ledge so I cut a thin "frame" the size of the insert and used that to create my "little space" between the mesh and the back of the frame. 
I painted the back...and then slid in the mesh and "thin frame"...with the "thin frame" between the mesh and the back of the frame.  I glued it in place in such a way to keep the front of the mesh flush with the front of the frame. :)
I thought and thought about the best way to hang necklaces...make my own hooks?  Christmas hooks? Then thought of these and they were PERFECT.  .97c per pack of 14.  I found them with the curtain supplies in Lowe's. 
They slide securely onto the mesh.  If you use this to hang earrings you can just slide those in the mesh too!
 Ta-da! I LOVE it.  I just know this will lead to me wearing my necklaces more than I do.
 And you can add as many or as few at you like, varying the heights as well. 
I imagine that some of you could make do with a HUGE one of these...I bet it would be awesome. :)
So there you have it.  An easy, fun way to display your jewelry for less than $10!

And now it's clear that I need some red and orange necklaces...

Have fun making one! :)

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