20 minute crafter-candy cane hearts for Valentines!

 I know, I know, it's barely January.  But.  I wanted to show you this before you threw out all those left over candy canes from Christmas.  You  know the ones...the extra box you bought "just in case" or the ones you hid from your kids to keep them from eating anymore candy.  Those candy canes.  Study this post and then pull out those candy canes for Valentines day.  Okay?  Anyone can makes these.  They are a 1 on the difficulty scale with 10 being those carvings made from pencil lead. 
 Here is what you need: 
Candy melts (from Micheal's) (I used 6-7 melts per mini candy cane heart)
Lolly pop sticks (from Micheal's)
Sprinkles (You can get them in the $1 bins of Target right now!!!)
Leftover candy canes in pairs
Microwave safe bowl
Wax paper
 Before you melt your candy arrange your candy canes and lollypop sticks like so on top of your wax paper.  I put my wax paper on top of a cutting board to keep from scalding the surface. 
 Melt your candy per directions on the bag.  I microwaved it for 30 seconds, stirred, microwaved for 30 seconds, etc until it had a pouring consistency. 
 Then, by the spoonful, I filled in the hearts made by the candy canes.  You can give your cutting board a gentle tap to settle the candy a bit.  Be sure to gently push your hearts back together in case they moved while adding the candy. 
 Load them up with sprinkles while still melty.  Or squinkles, as Aaron calls them. 
 Allow to set up completely.  I just left them on the counter but I'm sure you could pop them in the fridge. 
You can package them with a simple cellophane wrapper and a tag and you are DONE! :)

Yay you!

You are so awesome.

Go spread some love. :) xo

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