ten minute gift.

Need a quick little something for a friend?
Try making these quick tea bag cozies. 
Adapted from a tutorial from Mollie of Wild Olive they are unexpectedly cute. 
I made mine much larger and more coffee cup shaped in order to hold either a pack or two of cocoa or a few tea bags.  If you drag the photo above to a word document to can enlarge or shrink it, print it out and cut out to use as a pattern. 
Mollie hand stitched hers, I used my machine. :) Both results are adorable. :)
You could attach to a small bad of marshmallows if giving with cocoa or slip a coffee gift card inside. :)
Coffee would go great with the elf sized donuts that Porkchop made for the boys last night. :)

Happy day to you! :) xo

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