here i am!

THIS is what I have been dealing with.  On top of all the other crazy in my life right now, I decided that hoho is ready to potty train.  Because really, I do better with 50 things to do than five.  So why not?  So far, so STUBBORN.  He will do some business on the pot, but not the OTHER.  You know the one.  Say a little prayer for a Christmas miracle for us, please.
 Our elf Porkchop (named after Doug Funny's dog) has been rocking the baby Jesus...
 ...climbing tree tops...
 ...turning our milk green...
 ...and doing some gold fishin.  Among other trouble making things. :)
 I've been decking the love with Moses' past years creations. 
 Enjoying temps in the high 60's and lots of sunshine.  I LOVE YOU VIRGINIA!
And finishing up the LAST HOHO's of the year! :) They will be "up for grabs" on my Little Bit Funky facebook page at or around 7pm tonight. :) Look for them and claim them fast! :) You can find the FB page to the right------------->

Lisa Kanos and Karen Snyder---you both win copies of Sew to Swap for your donations to charity:water. 

Jenni Carlisle---You WIN THE QUILT!!!!

All of you need to contact me with your address so I can get your items in the mail to you! :) xo

O Happy day to YOU!

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