cute ornament packaging!

I'm busting my buns on teacher gifts today and needed a cute way to package the ornaments Moses made for his teachers...after perusing my house for options the light bulb went off...mason jars!  And I have them in every size! 
I was able to fit one small and one medium sized bulb in each cup...with a little paper shred for cushion.
I added some Christmas paper circles under the lids and I will add a tag and call this part done!  Just wanted to show you now so maybe you could use this idea too! :)
And just an only, you can get Starbucks cold cups for buy one get one FREE!  I just bought a few to save for gifts and the shipping was amazingly reasonable!  But it's TODAY ONLY!

I hope your day is merry and bright!  I've got to get back to work!  I'm thankful for you stopping by! :)

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