and we're back.

We just had another quick visit to was fun and fast. :)
We saw some friends, we babysat my new nephew, I taught my brother in law to make the worlds best pot roast (email me for directions) and we made Norwegian traditional cardamom flavor and the new scandalous chocolate. 
We got lots of snuggle time with Jack but not nearly enough.
I gave Jack a Christmas gift I made for him...a super soft and warm minky blanket that looks football like...but rectangular.  Pretty cute, if I say so myself.  Him and the blanket, not me. :)
And our elf showed up in Blacksburg to surprise the boys!  We woke up on Saturday to find him at the door trying to get in!
 Then he was hiding in Moses' cereal the next morning...
 and waiting in the car to go home later that day.  The boys were thrilled with his appearances. :)
Then this morning he took his revenge on a certain friend of mine who has been taunting him.  Porkchop used his photo as a potty pad to send the message that he isn't afraid. :)

Yes, this is of a friend.  Yes, we are just like that.  No, it is not offensive.  He thought it was funny...and so did I. :)

xo and Happy Monday! :)
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