20 minute crafter-yoda peg doll

 I made these in less than 15 minutes...you CAN too...want to?  Here's how...
Here's what you need:
craft paint in light brown, yoda green and dark brown (or a brown sharpie).
Peg dolls.  I buy them from Goose Grease
a tiny bit of polyfil or cotton
a scrap of leather or stiff fabric
glue gun
Start by painting the body...everything below the neck.
Cut out some yoda ears...basically the shape of two leaves tip to tip...I used scraps of leather...but you could use card stock or a stiff fabric.
 Paint the heads and the ears green.
 Now to make his robe just add lines as the photos show using paint or a sharpie...line one...
 ...line two...
 ...and three...
 and four...
 ...five and some little details...
Here's what it looks like on a different doll.
 Add two little eyes with a black sharpie or a dot of paint. I like them low and wide. :)
Now hot glue your ears to the back of the head...low on the back. 
Here's what it looks like from behind...
Then add just the tiniest bit of wisps of hair (I used polyfil) using your glue gun.
 And you're done!
Cutest, easiest Yodas ever. :)

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