what i made for monday-Reese's stuffed oreos.

Cue the Hallelujah chorus.
This is awesomeness in amazingness covered in heaven.
And easy to make as one two three.  And yes, it seems like it might be too much.
But it's not.  It.  Is.  AWESOME. 
Here's what you need.
Double stuff oreos, full size peanut butter cups and Baker's dipping chocolate.
All found at the grocery.
 Get the double stuffs ready.  Twist them apart and put the empty half aside.
 Layer like so.
Dip and cover in chocolate (prepared per directions on the carton).  I used tongs to dip. 
Top with crushed "empty" oreo cookies.  Allow to set.  
Enjoy.  And I mean ENJOY.  It appears that it may be TOO much but one is just right.

And if you are going to gain weight for the holidays anyway, might as well make it worth it right?

(Idea credit goes to Cookies and Cups)
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