what i made for monday-naughty donuts

I apologize for what I am about to tell you and encourage you to do.
I made Doug naughty, naughty donuts to take to work today.  
Why are they naughty?  Because they are WAY too easy for the amount of amazing that they taste.
Talk about melt in your mouth amazing and buttery and oh so sweet, sweet, heavenly goodness.
Want to make some?
You need canned biscuits (anything BUT the flakey layer kind).
Melted butter in a shallow bowl(4 tbls per 8 biscuits give or take) 
Sugar & Cinnamon in a shallow bowl.
Mixed together in your favorite proportions...I like a nice medium brown mixture.

Veggie oil to fill your pan up to about 1/2in or so. 
Heat up oil for a few minutes on medium heat.
While it is heating up, cut holes in the donuts with a cookie cutter or some other circular object
(stars would be cute too!)
When one side is golden brown, flip with tongs.  When that side is golden remove from oil and place on a paper towel lined pan or plate.
When the donuts have cooled enough to handle...using your fingers dip one side in the melted butter, let the excess drip off, dip in cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Get it nice and coated.  Flip over and repeat for the other side.  
I ate all of these.

Just kidding.  I sent them to work with Doug.  But I made a practice batch on Saturday to see if they would still be amazing a day later...and they were. :)  And I had more of those than I should.

You are welcome.  Or I'm sorry.
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