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I just got this pretty magazine in the mail along with TWO extra copies to share. :)
I don't know about you, but there is just something about holding an ACTUAL magazine in your hands that evokes a certain kind of inspiration.  Not that I have lots of time to sit down with a magazine...but when I do...it always, always, always reminds me of my single, kid-less days...when my best friend and I would go to Barnes and Noble with our knitting and sit for hours, knitting, drinking coffee and reading magazines.  Those were the BEST days.  And while for now, those days are sitting on the back burner, I have hopes of them returning one day. 
It was nice to sit down with this magazine and look at all the pretty photos, feel the texture of the paper and be inspired.  I found a few things I want to make...some for me and some for gifts....
I'm thinking I want to make new matching stockings this year...maybe this would be a start?
These look like fun...maybe get the boys to draw itty bitty pictures to go in the center and use them as gifts for family or teachers?
 I just love the aqua flower to the right...making those for sure.
 But these are my favorite...I plan to make a couple to add to a scarf I am knitting.  Beautimous. 
Here's another photo...lots of texture and pretty fabric...I am loving the batting peeking through.

Want to win a copy?  I have two to giveaway.  To enter, just leave a comment telling me how much you love me...just kidding...any old comment will do. :)

Friday seems like a good day to choose a winner. :) 

And don't forget to enter the Less Ordinary Designs giveaway over HERE.


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