making a list.

In case you were is how I feel at the moment.
I just need a few good solid days of working and I think I can get all things under control.
November has 40 days right?  That should do it.
I feel like for every one thing I mark off of my list, I add three. 
But I refuse to stop will get done!
Do you elf on the shelf?  We just started this year...the boys LOVE waking up in the morning to find out what our naughty elf Porkchop is up to.  (five points to you if you can connect the dots for the random elf name.

I've been having awesome luck at the Goodwill I have started listing a few items on my ebay.  You can check out all that I have on my Ebay page HERE.  In addition to some vintage goodness (which hopefully will continue to be added to), I've also listed my Cricut Expression, that I never ever use.  It's in almost new condition and could totally be given as a gift. :)

And a question for super saver sister in law has convinced me to start couponing (after coming home from CVS with bags full of FREE (good) things).  She turned me on to Hip2Save.  What's your favorite coupon site?  Method?  I'm a newbie and I would love some help getting started. :)

Also, now that Thanksgiving crazy has passed...could you take a moment to donate to my charity:water site?  You can click on the bottle over to the right.  I've only had TWO donations...which I am chalking up to it being Thanksgiving...but now that it's over...can you take a moment and give $10?  As it stands you have great odds to win a prize. :)

OK...that's it.  Homework: Do you elf?  Ideas? Do you coupon?  Resources?  Can you give $10?  Bottle on the right. :)


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