love, love and love.

Hi there!

How's your weekend?  I'm in a serious flurry of household projects that I have been putting off forever...part of my reasoning for taking a partial break from custom orders. :)

I'll show you a couple of them but first some etsy love.

Can you stand the adorableness of these portraits of my boys?
Amanda from Pencils and Daisies did an amazing job at capturing them at this precious age where they will let me call them hoho and mimi. 
If I had thought to do it, I would have saved them to give my husband for Christmas...but now maybe you can do that for your husband?  She also does darling couple portraits that would be wonderful as wedding or anniversary gifts. :)

The photos above are the ones that I sent her to go by...and I am just thrilled at the end result. :) These will hang in my house until I am 90. :) Do you love them or do you love them?  I love them. :) Go see her and get some of your own!  Pencils and Daisies. 
You know I love wall art.  You know I love Virgina.  How could I not love this print from Hop Skip Jump Paper?   Love it, love it, love it! :)
This one however could hang no where in my house.  I mean who could you even give that to?
Clever and smart for our times. 
This one would never be true for me either.
Maybe if it said "I love you BECAUSE of my first cup of coffee".  :)

I kid (you not). 

Skip Hop Jump Paper is just full of lovely art...I really do love all of the ones in their "I love you more than series" and all of the "all the way to...." series as well.
The seller is lovely and sweet and you won't regret a purchase from them. :)

I've had a good hot streak at our local Goodwill stores.  We have three in our area that I stalk regularly.  God has been good to me...I'm serious when I say that I pray for what I'm looking for...on this day I wanted a "new" end table and lamp.  The cute owls were bonus. :)
A happy coat of red for the owls and white for the table...
...and it's right at home in it's new spot.  I had to rewire the lamp with a new cord but that was super east...I often say, with Jesus and Google, I can learn anything. :)
It makes the corner. :)
One of the owls fit right in here...this shelf area was rearranged as one of my projects today.
Look at those handsome boys, would you!? :)
This hangs right by our back easy reminder to all of us to be kind to each other throughout our days.  Can I ask you to revisit this POST? Just a simple reminder to do SOMETHING, anything for one another during this season (and always really) instead of allowing ourselves to talk ourselves out of doing anything.  It's a good quick read. :)
In light of that "do SOMETHING" spirit, I will be making this snack mix with Moses tomorrow.  We will give these bags of "Blessings mix" to Moses' teachers and whomever else he would like to give them to.   You can go to Caramel Potatoes for the shopping list and a printable that explains it all.   

I hope you will join me in blessing someone in an unexpected way.  :)

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful! :)


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