insta catch up. #2

Let's catch up via instagram photos, shall we?
I have never heard this song but I say this line to myself dozens of times in a day. 
There is never a day or moment that I have nothing to do.  
Hot tea is a daily occurrence. 
Sometimes multiple times in the day because I.  Will.  Be.  Cold.  Until.  June. 
 We just finished reading through this at bed time.  Best book ever. 
 One of my favorite pages from said book.  A wonderful lesson hidden here. 
Say hello to the enlargements that will be gracing my walls soon. 
Hello big eyes. 
Hello sweet boy.
 Daylight saving was not good to us.  I despise it.  Took days and days to un-grump this one.
With boys, who are crazy with high energy, we hit a playground every chance we can get.
 On a recent trip I taught Moses "the underdog" to which he replied "that was SO MUCH FUN". :)
 Moses draws a lot of superheros.  They are ADORABLE.  Here we have superman and batman.  Obviously. 
 The other day I was changing hoho and he recited the line-up of these items as: man, daddy, pig, Jesus and baseball. 
I've been spray painting pine cones.  If I can request a color of the pine cones in heaven it will be aqua for sure.  These just need some glitter, I think.
 Been semi-handmaking a Thanksgiving gift for the new babies in my life. 
 Little bit funky stickers anyone?
 Squinkies.  The herpes of the toy world.  No?
 Is it just me, or is shopping with one child a dream?
 A little fun geekery for a custom order...
inspired this fun hoop in return. :) (this one is still available).
What's it like to just sit and watch TV?  I wouldn't know. 

Here's to a happy day for you!

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