how to eat a pomegranate

It's been brought to my attention that I have several friends who avoid pomegranates.  Either because they don't know how to even start to eat them...or, well,  mostly that.

And since they are in season now, they are beautiful and sweet and tasty (and closer to being affordable than they usually are).  And this will be the year you try one because I am going to do the most random post ever and teach you how to prepare a pomegranate for eating. :)
 Look how pretty?  Are you ready?  You need a sharp knife to start. 
 Identify the crown of the pom.  It looks like this ^
Cut off a half inch or so off the crown...not too much.  Be careful it will squirt.  I usually do this under a towel believe it or not. :)
Score the skin of the pom as shown above...not too deep, you are just trying to cut into the skin which is about 1/4in thick or so.  You don't have to go the whole length of the pom...just down a couple of inches. 
Then put it face down in a bowl of cold water and leave it there for 5-10 minutes.
Now...even though this photo and the next few photos don't show it...DO THIS UNDER WATER.  Gently start to peel the skin away from the little pods. 
Pull off a little section at a time and UNDER WATER gently nudge all the pods out of the white membraney stuff. 
You can do this by gently scraping your thumb along the seeds and prying them out...UNDER WATER. :)
 They will all come out pretty easily. 

Then you will be left with this...the seeds sink and the membrane stuff floats. 
 Scoop out the membrane with a slotted spoon. 
Dump the rest in a strainer and rinse.
Put in a bowl and chill.  They taste the best nice and cold.  And to me, taste like a nice mix of cranberry and cherry. 

And it always makes me thankful for the variety the Lord provided us.  Just think, had He chosen to, He could have had us live off of manna forever and ever, even in the garden at the beginning.  But He chose to give us a myriad of wonderful things to try and taste.  :) No man made concoction can touch the perfection of His fruits and provisions. :)

Enjoy trying something NEW!

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