giveaway winners, quilt raffle and water.

I was honored to be asked to be a part of Chrissie Graces' new book Sew to swap...I still feel like choosing me to participate was a huge mistake on her part but it's too late for her to take it back.  :)
There's a huge blog hop going on from her blog that you can check out to see all the actual quilters and their amazing work.  My blog hop day isn't until the 23rd but I wanted to give you a head start on something I find particularly wonderful.  
All of the quilts samples that were made for the book are being auctioned off in some way or given directly to charity.  I asked Chrissie if I could raffle one off for a charity of my choosing and she obliged me. :) Thanks Chrissie!  Here's a sneak peek photo of the quilt that will be awarded to one winner!  I did the camera square.  I am also trying to line up several other "runner up" prizes (so far including a copy or two of the book, some handmade goodies and etc).  Even though my official "blog hop" day isn't until the 23rd, I wanted to start the raffle as soon as possible to raise as much money as possible for the charity I chose...which was.... 
charity : water.  A highly reputable charity whose mission is to bring a basic necessity to everyone.  Water.  Think about how much water you use in a day...your shower, your coffee, brushing your teeth, cooking, cleaning, etc.  ONE $20 donation will bring clean water to one person.  Think about how easy that is?  Each $10 donation made will get you an entry to win the quilt or one of the runner up even if you don't win. :) More photos of the quilt and other prizes coming on the 23rd.

So a few things...

1.  Click on the bottle image above or to the right to donate to my campaign.  All $10 donations from now until the end of the month will be entered into the raffle. 

2.  If you own an etsy shop and would like to donate a "runners up" prize, please email me.

3.  PLEASE spread the word as though it were YOUR child who needed clean water! :) 

The winner of the Less Ordinary Designs prize is: YOU! 

Magazine winners are YOU and YOU! 

Contact me to claim your prizes! :)  Happy Friday! :) xo

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